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February 15-21

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April 12-18

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August 2-8

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This Week in History:

  • Relieves fear, stress and burnout
  • Energizes your kidschool
  • Fills in the gaps
  • Cultivates cultural literacy
  • Facilitates state or provincial compliance
  • Correlates resources for co-ops, classrooms and family learning
  • Harnesses the power of technology in a classical leadership education
  • Harmonizes with Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Trivium/Quadrivium, IEW, eclectic, etc.
  • Delivers new ideas and areas of learning to you and your child
  • Instigates discussions and projects that expand wisdom, relevance and understanding
  • Connects the subject areas–from music to math, from geography to world religions, from hobbies to science projects, etc.
  • Motivates you and your students to greater excellence
  • Delivers Face to Face with Greatness
  • Empowers you to mentor your students in the classics
  • Enlivens the 7 Keys of Great Teaching
  • Activates Phases of Learning


 …so you can “Inspire, not Require”

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