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  1. Homeschooling for Dads Bundle $45 – just $18 with coupon DADSROCK-15

  2. Homeschool Bundles with New Years’ Extras!

  3. Homeschool Starter Pack (Get this $16 product bundle for $9 2015HO-STPK)

  4. Leadership Education Community Builder Bundles (build your community with these!)

  5. New Subscription Add-on Pricing! (including our newest award-winning subscription product, highly recommended for homeschooling parents!)

  6. How to Mentor 7-Week Course (name your price! Really!)

  7. The U.S. Constitution and the 196 Indispensable Principles of Freedom DEEP DISCOUNT!

  8. The Leadership Education Manifesto DEEP DISCOUNT!

  9. The Freedom Bundle DEEP DISCOUNT



I. Homeschool Bundles with Holiday Extras!

BundleButton11-13Are you ready to lead out in defining and achieving your homeschool ideals?

If TJEd is calling to you, we don’t recommend “winging” it. Don’t just copy a friend, or browse and guess. You’ll feel so much more confident and in control when you do your homework. Our Homeschool Bundles, including the acclaimed 7 Keys Certification, are set up specifically to help you become a self-guided learner, design your ideal family education culture, become conversant in the language of the classics, and really *own* the principles of Leadership Education so you can be your own expert. Check it out!

Now through 1/31/16, purchase any of our Homeschool Bundles at up to 80% off, and get the Homeschool Starter Pack (a $15.75 value) and the 7 Keys Certification (a $160 value) thrown in for free!
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learning-garden-memeII. Homeschool Starter Pack discounted for the holidays!

Prepare your heart, home and family for homeschool success!

When your garden isn’t doing well, you don’t immediately think that the plants are doing it all wrong and need fixing. You assume that they’ll thrive when you have the environment right! This introductory combo for new or transitioning homeschoolers can help you get the environment right so that a natural love for learning and educational excellence are blooming brilliantly in your home and family.


Normally $15.75

RIGHT NOW: $9 (43% off) with coupon: 2015HO-STPK

OR! Get it free with one of our Homeschool Bundles (see above)


IV. Leadership Education Community Builder Bundlesthomasjeffersoneducationmedium-x10

Are you working to build a community of families who share your Leadership Education values? Do you want to gift, share or sell the staples of Leadership Education with others (without constantly having to try to get your own marked-up, dog-eared book returned)?

These 10-unit bundles are discounted for easy purchase, and are ideal for book clubs, co-ops, commonwealths, play groups, etc.

Normally priced at 20% off retail for a 10-pack.

During our New Year’s sale, get them for an additional 10% off with coupon: 15BLDR10

TJEdOnline_seal_ClrMIC-Archive-badgeV. Subscription Promotional Pricing

During our New Year’s Promotion period (now through 1/31/16), get any  subscription for just $1 (first month) and $10 monthly thereafter! (And if you’re a loyal subscriber, take note! We have a new subscription product!)

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VI. How to Mentor Course

HTM-BadgeThis class is a practical, hands-on course on how to be a great mentor. Veteran mentors as well as new mentors–and everyone in between–will see their mentoring significantly improve by completing this exciting class taught by Oliver DeMille.

Ideal for those with youth, those who teach adults and/or youth, and those who are serious about their own scholar/depth education.
(click product image for course outline)

What does it cost? 3 options:

  • Regularly $259
  • also available in 6-week installment plan
  • For those with budgetary constraints: CHOOSE-YOUR-PRICE donation option – REALLY! We want you to take us up on it. We want you to pay what you can, and have nobody that needs this course pass on it for financial reasons.

Take me there >>


VII. The U.S. Constitution and the 196 Indispensable Principles of Freedom DEEP DISCOUNT!

FOR: Grandparents, Dad, serious scholar, freedom-lover, mentor/coach,

196-CoverGet Oliver’s magnum opus, The U.S. Constitution and the 196 Indispensable Principles of Freedom at an unheard of discount! This beautiful book is perfect for New Year’s resolutions about freedom and education:

  • Rich, Hardcover Kivar 7 Binding
  • Custom Cover and Interior Design by Award-winning Artist Daniel Ruesch
  • Cover Art “Liberty Tree” Embossed with Gold and Black Foil
  • Silk Bookmark Ribbon
  • Custom Endsheets
  • Fully Indexed
  • Specially Designed Margins and Endpapers for Annotation
  • Approximately 360 pages

Normally $27.95

RIGHT NOW: $19.57 (30% off) with coupon: FREEDOM4THEHOLIDAYS



VIII. The Leadership Education Manifesto DEEP DISCOUNT!

TJEd_Manifesto_LargeDeclare your purpose! This gorgeous, heavy-duty, 18″ x 24″ poster is perfect for hanging on your youth’s wall, or to get artfully framed to display in full view to declare to the world that your family is on a mission!

Full text:


A movement is sweeping across the world. Not of protestors raging in streets. But of families loving and learning in consecrated homes.

Of devoted mothers who look into their children’s eyes and see future leaders. Of valiant fathers who thirst for greatness. Of youth who feel a stirring in their souls to renounce conveyor-belt mediocrity.

They hear the call of mission to seek truth, build strong families and communities, spread freedom and prosperity, create beauty, heal society.

Their Allegiance is clear. They will not compromise their virtue. They will not rest while they see need.

They unplug from TV and tabloids to immerse themselves in the classics and engage with mentors. They learn because they are inspired, not required. Compelled to grapple with life’s most important questions. To earn a Leadership Education. To innovate solutions for humanity. To learn more, become more, so they can serve more.

We are this generation of leaders. We will rise to our potential with an education to match our mission. And we will be the change we wish to see in the world.

Normally: $19.95

RIGHT NOW: $13.97 (30% off) with coupon: FREEDOM4THEHOLIDAYS


new-freedom-bundleIX. The Freedom Bundle DEEP DISCOUNT

This amazing deal can make a great gift for the freedom lovers in your life – with 5 paperbacks and 1 audio download included in the kit.

OR! Part it out to make gifts of the paperbacks for 5 others, and keep the audio for yourself! Either way, this combo was already priced at 10% off retail. With our FREEDOM4THEHOLIDAYS coupon, take an additional 30% off your price!

Bundle includes:

Paperback editions of:

MP3 download of:

Full retail, when purchased separately: $93.75; with bundle discount: $84.36

RIGHT NOW: $59.05 (30% off) with coupon: FREEDOM4THEHOLIDAYS

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