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7KeysCert_03_0Lead Out Now with Leadership Education for your Home or Classroom

The 7 Keys Certification has been developed to meet the needs of newbies, veterans, professional educators, grandparents and more. The 7 Keys Certification assists the parent/teacher to:

  • Develop a personalized vision of how Leadership Education applies in their situation
  • Become conversant in the language and riches of the classics
  • Achieve mastery in the skills and techniques of effective mentoring
  • Overcome stress and overwhelm
  • Gain insight into those you teach and how to best meet their needs
  • Create a powerful culture of learning and excellence in your home or classroom
  • Engage a life-long process of learning and application of timeless principle of happiness, success and leadership

How does the 7 Keys Certification work?

  1. Following the Overview document, you read a book or listen to an audio (designed to go in order according to the overview – included in your downloads)
  2. Referencing the Study Guide document, you review the suggested questions for writing or discussion and (if this is your M.O.) record your thoughts, musings and written responses in a Student Journal and/or cover them in a book group or online discussion forum
  3. Complete enrichment activities to anchor the learning experience in your home, family or classroom

The 7 Keys Certification contains many hours of audio content, inspirational study guides and links to additional resources. It has been selling at $160 for the 4-level course. We are pleased now to offer it free of charge to those arrive from a link at Simple Homeschool. By requesting the 7 Keys Certification here, you will also receive our free newsletter, The Weekly Mentor, plus several bonus gifts! Your personal information is never shared, and you can easily modify your subscription preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

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