Censors vs. Bashers: The New Education?

A friend once suggested that we should remove the writings of Robert Kiyosaki from a class curriculum. When I asked him why, he said that Kiyosaki’s books contain a number of errors. “Do the writings of Marx contain errors?” I responded. “Well, yes,” he admitted. [...]

Education Must Precede Activism

By Stephen Palmer "Force without wisdom falls of its own weight." -Horace A few years ago, I was teaching a class on the constitution where I witnessed a sad, though interesting, phenomenon. To give context, this was a room full of people wholly dedicated to [...]

But Is It A Classic?

I had a strange experience a few months ago. I’ve pondered on it many times since. A friend of mine, who participates in an adult book discussion group, was having some difficulty with discussing a book. One of the group members found the subject matter [...]

Family Roles

Nothing will have more impact on the future of the world than the future of families. This truism is sobering as we watch the decline of the family. As we consider the industrialized world, it is disturbing to note that even amongst those who espouse, [...]

The TJEd 2018 Online Convention & Youth Conference

TJEd 2018 Online Convention Our 2018 TJEd Online Convention is almost here, and you can view/listen to all of the presentations on-demand, at your convenience between 8/3-10/1/18. View your favorites over and over again! Pause the presentation to gather the family so you can share [...]

TJEd High is exceeding all expectations!

Do you have a youth who's needing more? Look what I just overheard on the TJEd High discussion board: "WOW! this semester has been the best ever! I have done more in this school year (and read more books in less than 3 months) than [...]

Keeping it Simple through the Phases by Emma Cox

Part I: Flying Puzzles and a Whole Lot of Cuteness One thing I love about children is how often they teach us about themselves. Seriously, they say kids don't come with an instruction manual, and I totally see where they're coming from. Yet, the more [...]

Math and Magic? The Weekly Mentor by Oliver DeMille

(A Review of Two Books Every Family Should Read!) Childhood Connections Recently I shared the story of a lady who lived in the Orient for a time and noticed that children were frequently familiarized with math and science symbols and ideas the way most young [...]

What are you doing to get ready for Fall?

REALITY CHECK: What are you doing right now to both make it a better summer and a more successful homeschool in the fall? Here in the Northern Hemisphere**, the traditional school year has just ended and families are gearing up for a new summer routine. [...]

Bump Up Your Math!

(A Review of an Excellent New Math Book that Every Family Should Read!) By Oliver DeMille A Start and A Stop A while back I read an article written by a woman whose family moved from the United States to spend some time in the [...]

On the Shoulders of Mommy and Daddy by Emma DeMille Cox

Giving Your Kids a Head Start by Emma DeMille Cox Listen While You Play A few weeks ago, Ian and I traveled down to my parents' house with our little boys, to do the month's MIC recording on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". We spent several [...]

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