The TJEd Kitchen! by Oliver and Rachel DeMille

So much of what happens in a great homeschool takes place in the kitchen. Of course, you may already have your schoolroom, and/or a living room where everyone reads together, and various other places where learning takes place. In our book The Phases of Learning [...]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do TJEd

Leadership Education is not for everyone. And it might not be for you. So be forewarned - there are several reasons why you shouldn't do TJEd.... 1)   The TJEd learning model is chaotic and unregimented. TJEd expects too little from the smallest children. It promotes [...]

Inspiration Smoothies: What to do? by Rachel DeMille

Do you ever stress about your kids' future? Do you ever stress that you're not good enough for what they need? What can you do about it? This morning I received a private message from an online friend, who I thought beautifully put in to [...]

Inspiration Smoothies: Good Days and Good Days

How was your day? Recently, on our Facebook discussion group, I read the following comment: "Today was an awesome homeschool day. With lots of reading, counting, math, science, art, history, even some helping around the house, cooking, and quality outdoor time. It would be cool [...]

Inspiration Smoothies: Making Up for Lost Time

Many people struggle with feeling a sense of lost or wasted time in their education, or perhaps in their preparation to be a parent or a mentor. They lament with myriad versions of "if only," and torture themselves with guilt and anxiety over what they [...]

More About Weekly Interviews: The Weekly Mentor by Oliver DeMille

by Oliver DeMille Introduction: There were several questions in response to my recent article about using Weekly Interviews with your kids and students in Love of Learning Phase. In fact, these were really good questions, and I think they’ll be helpful for everyone. Here they [...]

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