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Mentoring in the Classics

by Rachel DeMille

This Week in History

by Rachel DeMille

TJEd High

by Ian and Emma Cox

Black Belt Freedom

by Oliver DeMille

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“What an inspiring and life-changing philosophy! Thank you for such insightful information! I particularly appreciate the distinction of the Three Systems of Schooling. The direct and easy to understand style gave me the opportunity to step into creating a Leadership Education environment for myself and my family!”

Nanette Baker

“Proceed with caution: this book is life changing!–for the better, of course. You will want to highlight practically the entire book; but what is more, it is easy to take bits and pieces to implement into your family routines and culture right away. This will help your marriage, your children, your life.”

Vivian MilliusVivian Millius

“Leadership Education has completely transformed not only our individual learning as parents, but our entire home. It has helped us decide what truly is “foundational” learning. We have also learned the stark difference between being well-trained and well-educated. We have been inspired to become truly educated and discover our personal missions and in turn hope to inspire our children.

“We recognize stages of growth in our children and are ready to help them move to higher levels of independence and empowerment in their own lives. In the short 8 years that we have practiced leadership education in our lives, we have truly embraced the principles it teaches.

“I want to bring up thinkers and leaders. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.”

Rusty and Becky Bastian, Redmond Inc.