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TJEd Homeschoolers Say:

“Because of TJEd, our family is stronger, happier, more confident, and more at peace. Our children are self-motivated with their education and they enjoy learning. We’re more sensitive to their needs and better able to facilitate their growth. We understand better how to guide them with patience and wisdom.” -Stephen & Karina Palmer, parents of 4 children

“TJEd gives clarity and purpose to the decision to homeschool, and a template that can be applied by any family to achieve their goals.” -Rebecca Kochenderfer, Author of Homeschooling for Success, Senior Editor of

“[Because of TJEd] our home is more peaceful, and the children have learned to be independently creative, finding fascination in the simplest things. I feel that if the world were to fall apart all around us today, I’d be at peace knowing I followed my own instinct, and because of it, our family has developed a greater feeling of unity, and a higher awareness of God’s greater purpose for our lives.” -Leslie Householder, Author of The Jackrabbit Factor

“As I discovered…the ‘Seven Keys of Great Teaching’…I realized why I had been so successful at creating a ‘hate-of-learning’ student…I found that it is very, very hard not to do to my children what was done to me by schools. Now…my children are thriving…We ‘study’ as a family, and the ‘Love of Learning’ phase is truly exciting. “ -Andrew Pudewa, Director of the multi-award winning Institute for Excellence in Writing

You know paint-by-numbers, conveyor-belt education is stifling your children.

You want something better. Your children deserve better.

Like most homeschooling parents, you probably stress over “what” to teach. But “how” you teach is far more critical.

Nail the how, and the what takes care of itself.

Our two free downloads, “The 7 Keys of Great Teaching” (audio) and “The 4 Phases of Learning” (digital) give you the how: A proven methodology for giving children a self-motivated, voracious appetite for learning.

Thousands of homeschooling families use it with amazing success.

Complete the form to digest them and help your children become happier, more empowered, and more responsible, and to love learning.

What You Get

1. “The 7 Keys of Great Teaching” Audio Download ($34.99 Value)

This two-hour recorded seminar is taught by Oliver DeMille, educational pioneer and expert and co-developer of “Thomas Jefferson Education,” or “TJEd.”

It details seven transformational and proven principles of how to inspire your children to self-motivated greatness.

The principles apply to any student’s individual interests or learning styles.

You’ll also learn:

  • The 3 styles of education used throughout history, and the goals and methods of each.
  • How to choose and apply the right education for your family.
  • How to guide your children through the “phases of learning” without stifling their love of learning.
  • How to craft your homeschooling curriculum for an optimal learning experience.
  • How to prepare your children for stand-out leadership, rather than mediocre conformity.

…and much, much more!

2. “The Four Phases of Learning” Digital Download ($11.99 Value)

Written by Rachel DeMille, this 34-page PDF download details how to help your children navigate the four natural phases of learning.

It describes the educational methodology used by the greatest leaders and innovators throughout history, including Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill, and others.

It also comes with a series of frequently asked questions with answers to make application much simpler and more concrete.

Download it now to learn the following and much more:

  • Why pushing academics on your children too soon is a critical mistake, and why being patient pays off.
  • Why no individual can ever teach another — and how real learning actually occurs.
  • How to teach math and writing without driving your kids crazy with senseless drills.
  • How to know when to push your children, and when to pull back.
  • How to help your children make a smooth transition from public school to homeschool.

Bonus Gift: Selected Chapters from the TJEd Educational Library

Act now and we’ll also give you a few critical chapters from the following books:

  • A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century
  • Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning
  • Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens

These chapters expand on the concepts found in the other downloads and give you deeper insights and more ideas on how to create the best educational environment as possible for your children.

Get your free downloads now by completing the form on the upper right.

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FREE Downloads Expose Why Most Homeschooling Parents Fail