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Thank you for joining us for our HECOA presentations!

During Rachel DeMille’s talk [Mon / Sept 11 / 3pm PST: “Finding Your Homeschool Bliss“], she promised to send you several bonus gifts for joining our mailing list by completing the form below:

  • The 6-Point Plan for Successful “Detox” or All-Purpose Family Reset
  • Recommendations for homeschooling a large family, including 2 articles and a 45-minute video!
  • A coupon code for $10 off first month of  “Mentoring in the Classics and TJEd Success

During Ian Cox’s talk [Wed / Sept 13 / 3pm PST: How to get your Youth to Actually STUDY“], he promised to send you some additional things:

  • VIDEO: “Mission Power: Lessons on Great Education from Galileo, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Others…” [~30m]
  • A coupon code for $10/off first month of TJEd High!

If you don’t receive the confirmation email or the bonus gifts email, please check your spam filter/social/promotions tabs in your email program!

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