The 7 Keys of Great Teaching mp3

“The 7 Keys of Great Teaching” is an mp3 audio download of a two-hour presentation delivered before a live audience by Oliver DeMille. One of the most popular and widely shared of our audios, this inspiring lecture covers the basics of TJEd:

Engaging, entertaining and informative, “The 7 Keys of Great Teaching” is an excellent first tool for sharing the principles and overview of Leadership Education with family, friends, educational advisers, mentors, spouses, students, etc.

Below is an image of the back of the original CD case:

About the Presenter:

bio_oliverOliver DeMille is the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education, The Coming Aristocracy and other books on education and freedom. He has taught graduate courses on the complete writings of Thomas Jefferson, The Federalist Papers, Aristotle’s Politics and other great classics of liberty. Oliver is a popular keynote speaker, writer and business consultant.
Presently, he is active as a founding partner with The Center for Social Leadership and he devotes a majority of his time to writing. Oliver is married to the former Rachel Pinegar. They have eight children.

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