Core and Love of Learning Seminar Highlights

“Core and Love of Learning: A Recipe for Success” is a 5-hour audio series consisting of highlights from a two-day seminar presented by Oliver and Rachel DeMille in 2007.

This mp3 download will help you develop and expand your vision of how the TJEd model can work in your home. Oliver and Rachel’s spontaneous, candid, intimate, touching, humorous and profound commentary on Leadership Education in the home includes:

  • Daily and Weekly Scheduling
  • Organizing Space in your home to support Thomas Jefferson Education
  • What to simplify and what to beef up
  • What to say “No” to, and when to say “Yes”
  • Music and other lessons and how to best integrate them

Highlights include:

  • Which books work best for what ages
  • Organizing a big family with students at different ages and Phases
  • Separating discipline from academics
  • Using outside activities without letting them take over
  • Tips for making mornings work

This unique recording is informal, sensitive and interactive, as Rachel and Oliver share from the heart and dialog about how TJEd works in the home. While the content in this seminar is based on information published in Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning, these excerpts were specifically chosen for audio distribution because they are not available elsewhere in any format; this is a deeper and more detailed presentation with personal anecdotes and insights from the most successful TJEd seminar ever presented.

Please note that the complete list of 55 ingredients is included, with explanations and ideas for implementation, in the book, Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning.

About the Presenters

bio_oliverOliver DeMille is the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education, The Coming Aristocracy and other books on education and freedom. He has taught graduate courses on the complete writings of Thomas Jefferson, The Federalist Papers, Aristotle’s Politics and other great classics of liberty. Oliver is a popular keynote speaker, writer and business consultant.
Presently, he is active as a founding partner with The Center for Social Leadership and he devotes a majority of his time to writing. Oliver is married to the former Rachel Pinegar. They have eight children.

Rachel DeMille

Rachel Pinegar DeMille is the wife of Oliver DeMille and his frequent collaborator. Rachel is the owner of and the author of “This Week in History” educational supplements for the home and classroom.

Rachel’s educational history was rather the opposite of Oliver’s, but with similar outcomes: whereas he had learning disabilities that hindered his early progress, she began playing the piano at age three, and was reading fluently by the age of four. Her facility with learning extended from math and science to foreign language and the arts, and she spent her early years in gifted programs. However, as she grew, she found it difficult to “fit in” to the system, and increasingly found that her best educational experiences were outside of the classroom, either through personal study, or with the guidance of caring and challenging mentors.

The youngest of six children, Rachel observed the upbringing of her nieces and nephews, and was deeply affected by the philosophies of her next oldest sister and her husband, who were homeschooling their children through the classics. She recognized the pattern of classics and mentoring that had been her own ideal, and determined to pursue a similar course in raising her own family.

Rachel is the co-author of A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion, Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning and the audio series Core and Love of Learning: A Recipe for Success. She is an accomplished musician, writer, literary editor, public speaker, consultant and momschool organizer.


Since their marriage in 1989, Oliver and Rachel’s educational experiences and philosophies have combined and developed into a dynamic, wholistic worldview, evolving into what is now popularly called “Thomas Jefferson Education,” “Leadership Education,” or simply, “TJEd.” They are the parents of five daughters and three sons, one of whom has multiple disabilities, and several with varying degrees of dyslexia and giftedness, making their experience as home educators both broad and varied. The DeMilles’ insights are informed not only by dealing with the unique needs, learning styles and gifts in their own home, but through their experience in mentoring and consulting with schools and families on virtually every level, and around the world.

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