The Coming Aristocracy

Education and the Future of Freedom

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The Coming Aristocracy is a clarion call for all freedom-loving Americans to awaken to our present dangers. Oliver DeMille is a modern-day Founding Father and no patriot’s library is complete without this book!”

—Orrin Woodward, Best-Selling Author, Launching a Leadership Revolution

The Coming Aristocracy is compelling, timely, and vital.  This may be one of the most important books you’ll read this year.”

—Steve D’Annunzio, Founder, The Soul Purpose Institute

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The Coming Aristocracy is a book for anyone concerned about the decline of America and the steady loss of freedom. More precisely, it is for those dedicated to reversing those trends through education and entrepreneurship.

Drawing from years of intense and exhaustive research, Oliver DeMille demonstrates why social, economic, and political equality are being steadily eroded.

He highlights crucial constitutional changes, analyzes the current economic crisis, explains why both liberals and conservatives promote aristocracy, and articulates a comprehensive formula for restoring the American republic.

The “Mini-Factory” Freedom Shift

America was built and became great on the backs of free and independent owners. If we are to become great again, two things must happen: 1) the owners must again lead, and 2) a significant number of citizens must again become owners. And the key to both of these is Leadership Education.

Together, these initiatives form the greatest freedom trend of our time: “mini-factories.” A mini-factory is “where you do something that has been done historically by institutions, but you do it just as well (or in a way that is preferable for some reason) on a smaller scale.”

Entrepreneurship, alternative education, downshifters, environmentalists, alternative health, the growth of spirituality, community architecture, the explosion of network marketing, home doctor visits, local gardening are all examples of mini-factories.

Big, institutional, non-transparent, bureaucratic organizations are supporters of aristocracy. Freedom flourishes when the people are as independent, free, and as self-sufficient as possible.

Mini-factories are the fertilizer of freedom and the enemies of aristocracy. And The Coming Aristocracy gives you insight, knowledge, and motivation to lead the mini-factory freedom shift in your own life.

Mini-factory owners think, act, and vote differently than either aristocrats or dependents — they do so as free men and women. They study the nature and anatomy of freedom and are actively engaged in its protection because they have the most to lose from the lack of it, as well as the most to gain from its thriving success.

They are the new Founders engaged in the sustainable, bottom-up, inside-out Freedom Shift.

Product Details:

  • Second printing, July 2011 by The Center for Social Leadership
  • Paperback (perfect bound), 114 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0983099642
  • Product Dimensions and Shipping Weight: 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches; 8 ounces.

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Chapter Outline

Introduction: Aristocracy vs. Freedom

A New Era? • The Return of Aristocratic Rule • The Battlefield of Education • The “Other” Individuals • Jefferson vs. Hamilton • Freedom Rests with Owners • Aristocracy vs. Freedom

Chapter 1: The Solution: Mini-Factories

The “Bottom-up” Trend • Modernism vs. Mini-Factories • Freedom: The Impetus • What is a Mini-Factory? • Organic Growth • The Education of Failure • Live Deliberately

Chapter 2: Freedom Education

The Time Factor • The Genius of the American Revolution • The Northwest Ordinance • Leadership Education for Everyone

Chapter 3: The End of the Republic

Short-Term Pragmatism • Principled Realism • The “Permanent Campaign” • 21st Century Politics • Everyone Wants to be Rescued • What did the Founders Have in Mind?

Chapter 4: The Era of Liberals & Conservatives is Over

When Both Sides are Wrong • Statism or Market-ism • The Global Aristocracy • America’s Traditional Great Idea • Conservatives & Liberals: Aristocrats • The Choice of the “Regular” People

Chapter 5: Aristocratic Elections

The Irony of American Politics • Progressives, Radicals, & the Brain • Shared Methodology • Independent Thinking? • Uniting the Rest of Us

Chapter 6: A New Political Party?

Shifting Terms: Democracy, Freedom, Capitalism • Three Main Parties • Why Can’t the Freedom Party Win?

Chapter 7: The Economic Crisis

Establishment & Governance • Conglomerate, Distinguish, Close • Dialectical Statecraft • Conglomerate, Negotiate, Legislate • Why Congress Can’t Establish New Models • “We’re All Socialists Now” • Leading vs. Managing or Governing

Chapter 8: Aristotechnology

Internet at a Crossroads • Generative Future v. Tethered Appliances • Separations, Checks, & Balances • Freedom, Technology, & Society

Chapter 9: A New American Strategy

Terrorism: The New World Reality • Auxiliary Precautions • Ends & Means • Opportunity Leaders vs. Problem Solvers • Scarcity vs. Abundance • Become the Most Inviting Nation • Power as Purpose

Chapter 10: Elitism vs. Wisdom

Highly-Trained Experts • Two Types of Socialism, Two Types of Capitalism • Class System • Three Necessary Elements of Democratic Capitalism • Is this the America We Want?

Chapter 11: Domesticating Aristocracy

How did the Founders Do It? • Two Sets of Rules • The Special Club

Chapter 12: Aristotrends

Traps, Tests, Trials • The Treasury Trap • The Trilateral Trap • The Trap of the Top • The Terrorism Trap • The Tribo-national Trap • The Training Trap • The True Trap • The Two Places that Teach Freedom

Conclusion: The Mini-Factory Freedom Shift

The Spinning Wheel Principle • The Crippling Fallacy of the Freedom Movement • Bottom-up, Inside-Out • The Georgics Mindset • The Battle for Perspective • Awakening the Masses • Bear Your Cross • Be a Trim Tab


Orrin“The political tide of man has ebbed and flowed between tyranny and liberty for thousands of years. Sadly, tyranny has reigned victorious throughout most of recorded history. America’s liberty is a precious gift that must be protected against the encroachments of tyranny. The Coming Aristocracy is a clarion call for all freedom-loving Americans to awaken to our present dangers. Oliver DeMille is a modern-day Founding Father and no patriot’s library is complete without this book!”

—Orrin Woodward, Best-Selling Author, Launching a Leadership Revolution

mikelathigee“If you’re as tired of the status quo as I am, you need to read The Coming Aristocracy. Oliver DeMille arms common citizens with the knowledge, insights, and motivation they need to battle exploitation by the power and money elite. This book will help you take charge of your life and make a positive difference in these trying times.”

—Mike Lathigee, Founder & CEO, Freedom Investors Club

stevedThe Coming Aristocracy is compelling, timely, and vital. With piercing clarity, Oliver DeMille explains our current economic and political systems and resurrects the principles that made America great. Most importantly, he clearly describes what we can do as individuals, families, and communities to right our floundering ship. This may be one of the most important books you’ll read this year.”

—Steve D’Annunzio, Founder, The Soul Purpose Institute

kriskrohn“As an investor and entrepreneur, I have been unconsciously building ‘mini-factories’ for several years. The Coming Aristocracy helped me connect dots between my local efforts and the global freedom movement. It expanded my thinking, gave me a more holistic perspective, and helped me realize just how much my everyday actions matter. Though I’ve always been part of the solution outlined by Oliver DeMille, I’ve never fully understood just how deep and widespread the battle really is. I’m more motivated than ever to continue the fight with passion, and to get the Leadership Education that I now know is vital.”

Kris Krohn, Founder, Real Estate Investment Companies

sbrooks“In the 17th Century, Alexis de Tocqueville predicted that America would eventually degenerate into an all-controlling government or aristocracy. In The Coming Aristocracy, Oliver DeMille warns in a crystal clear and no-nonsense style that Tocqueville’s prediction is rapidly becoming a reality. DeMille outlines the probable American leadership and social structure for the next twenty to thirty years, along with the political construct and methods used by prominent behind-the-scenes players to strengthen and maintain their power. He discusses the fall of freedom and the resulting adverse effects. And he pulls no punches when he describes how to reverse this liberty-destroying agenda. The Coming Aristocracy is a virtual treasure map where DeMille’s ‘X’ does mark the spot and the treasure is a life of liberty for our posterity.”

—Dr. Shanon Brooks, Founder, Face to Face With Greatness Seminars, Inc.

2009steveclose“At long last — real solutions in the battle for freedom. The Coming Aristocracy boils down complexity to core principles, providing a refreshing, insightful, comprehensive, and ultimately inspiring handbook for solving America’s cultural, political, and economic problems. Its core strength is that it empowers ‘ordinary’ individuals to play an integral role in the process. Discouragement and inaction can be readily discarded by following the liberating and detailed path laid out by Oliver DeMille.”

—Stephen Palmer, Co-Founder, KGaps Consulting & The Center for Social Leadership, Best-Selling Co-Author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity

davidgrant“Oliver DeMille has uncommon vision that he has gained from a deliberate and careful process of reading, observing, dialoguing, distilling, re-reading, pondering, teaching and finally synthesizing critical trends into concise, lucid, and compelling calls to action. The Coming Aristocracy is a call that must be heeded if we are to secure freedom and prosperity for ourselves and our children.”

—David Grant, Department of Business, Southern Utah University; Founder, Metalcraft Technologies, Inc.

“It is rare to find such a candid and insightful look at the problems facing America written in plain, common sense language that leaves one not only enlightened but inspired and hopeful. I tire of the sarcastic, cynical commentaries as much as I do the optimistic commentaries that offer no real solutions. The threats to our freedoms are real and now is a time for action, yet zeal without knowledge bears bitter fruits. This book offers a basis for the kind of knowledge necessary to make a difference, complete with references for further study. It is easily one of the most important books I have read this year.”

—Janiece Sloan

“This book has been a wonderful resource for our family since the moment we brought it home. It is clear, concise, and positive. There are so many books out there that predict the demise of our government, but there are few that leave you with a sense that you can change things for the better. I strongly recommend this book to everyone.”

Michelle Huelle

“Oliver DeMille points out very clearly why the future of our freedom is so precarious right now. So, what do we do about it? If you want some easy pointers that anyone in America can do to help support freedom, and secure a continuation of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do yourself a favor and check this book out!”

Laura Dotson

“I am at awe at how many freedoms we have lost because we are not educated. Well-trained, but not educated. DeMille goes into the difference between the two and makes a great case on how the educated aristocracy are gaining back the power that the Founding Fathers fought to be free from.”


“This is a great book! DeMille has an accurate handle on where the U.S. is and where it is headed. I highly recommend this book! Wow!”


About the Author

Oliver DeMille

bio_oliverOliver DeMille is the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education, The Coming Aristocracy and other books on education and freedom. He has taught graduate courses on the complete writings of Thomas Jefferson, The Federalist Papers, Aristotle’s Politics and other great classics of liberty. Oliver is a popular keynote speaker, writer and business consultant.
Presently, he is active as a founding partner with The Center for Social Leadership and he devotes a majority of his time to writing. Oliver is married to the former Rachel Pinegar. They have eight children.

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