TJEd for Teens Student Supplement (Classroom Use)

This *Classroom Use option is intended for institutional use, and allows up to 35 downloads.

You asked for it, we delivered.

For those using Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens in the classroom who want to be able to work and re-work the “Real You” exercises or who want to complete the Teen 100 Book List in the book without writing in the actual book, you can now download up to 35 copies of the new TJEd for Teens Student Supplement for classroom use.

This 83-page printable includes:

Teen 100 Book List

  • Age 13

  • Age 14

  • Age 15

  • Age 16

  • Age 17-18

The Real You

  • Instructions

  • Printable Question Cutouts

  • Personality Test

  • Journal Version, Questions 1-22

*Additional Options:

Click here for Personal Use (for one user, up to 3 downloads)

Click here for Home Use (single household, up to 12 downloads)

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