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nest-back-to-homeschool-memeYou asked, we delivered! Here is a brief, simplified guide to some of our best-loved and highly acclaimed offerings. And, at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of our free resources!

Each entry has clickable emblems to let you know who these offerings are recommended for (see detailed explanations for these in the Key at the foot of this page)




Homeschool Starter Pack >>

learning-garden-memeWhen your garden isn’t doing well, you don’t immediately think that the plants are doing it all wrong and need fixing. You assume that they’ll thrive when you have the environment right! Leadership Education can help you get the environment right so that a natural love for learning and educational excellence are blooming brilliantly in your home and family.

What is it?

A powerful 5-Pack of downloadable content, this product kit contains e-books that are graphically rich and beautifully illustrated, and inspiring audios that speak to both the mother heart and the common concerns that dads have. The Homeschool Starter Pack contains practical and inspiring tips from master mentors to help you create your ideal homeschool!

Who’s it for?


What does it cost? $15.75

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7 Keys Certification >>

7KeysCert_03_0The 7 Keys Certification has been developed to meet the needs of newbies, veterans, professional educators, grandparents and more. The 7 Keys Certification assists the parent/teacher to:

  • Develop a personalized vision of how Leadership Education applies in their situation
  • Become conversant in the language and riches of the classics
  • Achieve mastery in the skills and techniques of effective mentoring
  • Overcome stress and overwhelm
  • Gain insight into those you teach and how to best meet their needs
  • Create a powerful culture of learning and excellence in your home or classroom
  • Engage a life-long process of learning and application of timeless principle of happiness, success and leadership

Who’s it for?


What does it cost? $185 Free with purchase of a Homeschool Bundle

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Homeschooling for Dads Bundle >>


  • The 3 Great Powers of Highly Successful Homeschool Dads
  • The 1 Big Thing That Makes all The Difference—in Less Than 1 Hour a Week
  • Dads as Heroes (and What to Do About It)
  • Goal-Getters and the Path of Success
  • 35 Reasons the Classics are the Best Curriculum for Education, Career, Finances, and Family
  • Help Your Kids Get a Truly Excellent Education, including in Math, Science, and Career Prep
  • What Your Kids Need to Truly Succeed Educationally/What Your Wife Needs to Truly Make it Work!


Who’s it for?


What does it cost? $45   

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Mentoring in the Classics >>

MIC-badgeThis award-winning offering is ideal for adults, youth, parents, book groups, Commonwealths, teacher training – anyone who’s ready to experience the classics with master mentor Oliver DeMille as your guide!

Click here to read our participant’s glowing, unsolicited praise for MIC >>

Our goal with this product is to help as many people as possible to get into the classics in a way that is truly transformational for their family education culture.

Who’s it for?


What does it cost? $20/month


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Young Statesmen/Stateswomen Society (YSS) >>

YSS-badgeInspired by our young daughters who LOOOOONGED to have the goals and awards that they saw happening in their brother’s scouting activities, YSS is now a complete program for girls and boys to assist them in broad knowledge, skills acquisition, refinement of talents and character development. YSS can be run: 1) As a full-fledged club in an emerging or established community of families; 2) In a single home, with parent mentors. A unique feature of YSS is that it it is built on an agile and interactive process whereby the child and his or her parent/mentor or club advisor collaborate to set the specific goals to earn each recognition. It is not a pre-set “checklist.” This makes the process customizable for age, phase, interest, aptitude and resources.

Who’s it for?

lol-seedling-meme large-family-meme community-builder-memelate-start-coffee-memedad-friendly-memenewbie-meme

What does it cost? $11 (total!) for a single family. Group pricing also available.

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This Week in History >>

TWIH-badge_250Multi-award winning program authored by mother-daughter team Rachel and Sara DeMille. Each day’s resources are an adventure in math, science, language skills, geography, current events, the arts and so on – all tied to events in history. Easily tailored to single-child, large-family and classroom use. Boasting rave reviews and high user loyalty, this inexpensive program beats others that cost hundreds more!

What is it ?

This Week in History is provided as a weekly online bundle of resources that you can access in either of two ways: 1) Via an email sent directly to your inbox using our secure email service; 2) On the dedicated TWIH blog feed at The content is searchable by date, topic and key word, and the whole year’s archive can be accessed by subscribers at any time.

Who’s it for?

acorn-core-memelol-seedling-meme scholar-sapling-meme large-family-meme late-start-coffee-memedad-friendly-memenewbie-meme

What does it cost?  $9.99/month

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How to Mentor Course >>

HTM-BadgeThis class is a practical, hands-on course on how to be a great mentor. Veteran mentors as well as new mentors–and everyone in between–will see their mentoring significantly improve by completing this exciting class taught by Oliver DeMille.

Course Outline:

Session 1: How to Teach How to Think!
Session 2: How to Teach How to Think II, How to Run Transformational Colloquia
Session 3: How to Run, Teach and Debrief Fantastic Simulations
Session 4: How to Teach and Mentor Writing, Part I
Session 5: How to Teach and Mentor Writing, Part II
Session 6: How to Teach and Mentor How to Think, Part III!
Session 7: How to Teach and Mentor Math Excellence the Leadership Education Way

Who’s it for:


What does it cost?  3 options:

  • Regularly $259
  • also available in 6-week installment plan
  • For those with budgetary constraints: CHOOSE-YOUR-PRICE donation option – REALLY! We want you to take us up on it. We want you to pay what you can, and have nobody that needs this course pass on it for financial reasons.

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Black Belt in Freedom >>

BBF-Square-BadgeA One-of-A-Kind Freedom Learning Program

Participants prepare to become founding fathers and mothers of freedom in the 21st Century!

What is it?

There is no other program like this in modern America. It is a 20-month, detailed, intensive, founding fathers-style learning program. If you resonate with freedom—NOW is the time to prepare!


The course content will be delivered via our email service. Each month you will receive several audios (usually two, sometimes as many as four or more – at the mentor’s discretion) specific to the course readings for that month. Course content is progressive, meaning that each month builds on the previous ones. You may join at any time.

Each month follows this pattern:

  1. Complete the readings listed here on your own
  2. Listen to mentoring audios (which you receive via email) specific to each title listed
  3. Discuss with your book group and/or with the online forum

Who’s it for?


What does it cost? As low as $10/month. See product page for details.

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“Who’s it for?” Key




Resources with this emblem might be a good fit for families with young children up to around 8 or 9 years old. Core Phase is special, and has its own unique agenda: Good/Bad; Right/Wrong; True/False; Work/Play; Read/Sing/Love/Live. To learn more about Core Phase, click here >>


Love of Learning:


The Love of Learning emblem signifies that this resource might be a good fit for children between the ages of 8 and 12 (give or take). Love of Learning is a special time for exploring and gaining confidence, skill and experience in learning new things. For more on Love of Learning Phase, click here >>




Youth in Scholar Phase (somewhere between 12 and 18-ish) may benefit from these offerings, which inspire deeper commitment to study, character and personal development, with an emphasis on skills and knowledge that empower achievement and service in one’s life-purpose. Learn more about Scholar Phases here >>



Parents/Mentors, Mature Scholars:


This category of offerings is especially designed to facilitate continuing education for parents, mentors, older youth and young adults. As we come face to face with greatness through mentors and classics, and join the Great Conversation, we model for our children the value and joy of self-education.




Whether you’re new to homeschool, new to TJEd, or a seasoned veteran looking for a fresh approach, resources with this emblem will give you guidance to become a self-guided learner, design your ideal family education culture, become conversant in the language of the classics, and really *own* the principles of Leadership Education so you can be your own expert.


Large Families:


As parents of 8 children of our own, plus a household that seems to be a magnet for other children and youth to join in our learning, we have a particular interest in providing resources that address the special challenges and gifts that large families enjoy. Resources with this emblem are large-family approved!


Late Start:


Nothing compares to the overwhelm of the newbie or fresh-starter whose kids are older. “Is it too late? How do I ‘fix’ this and still make up for lost time?” Never fear! We promise: We have seen many, many, MANY families with a “late start” find their way to a path of confidence, success and renewed relationships. These resources are recommended to help you do just that.



dad-friendly-memeAfter long years of experience, we have come to find that there are some common questions, concerns and issues that fathers often have, and that Dad’s special contribution to family learning is a GREAT benefit! These Dad-Friendly resources help remove the obstacles that Dad sometime has with the homeschool process, and empower him to a Great Homeschool Dad!


Community Builder:


Certain of our offerings are especially well-suited for helping create connections with others who will support and inspire your success. They lend themselves well to shared experiences that elevate the thinking and communication of friends and family, and help attract others to your fellowship who will add to and benefit from the learning experience. These offerings are marked as “Community Builders.”

Free Resources:

Browse our blog for even more stuff, and check out the Dollar Menu at our store!

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