The following resources help you apply TJEd effectively in any educational setting, and for any student, age, and/or phase of learning.

You’ll find great lists of leveled classics here, and a few excellent videos here.

TJEd Online Support

Discussion Groups:

  • TJEd MUSE: Over 1,000 TJEd parents and mentors, with discussions, event postings, inquiries for local connections, resources reviews, etc. Operates via email, or on Yahoo Groups site. [Plus: sign up with the family finder and get a coupon for 10% off any order!]
  • TJEd Facebook Discussion Group: New discussion group with the recent upgrade to Facebook’s new groups format. 100s of TJEders, and growing daily. Active discussion and event posts. Convenient for Facebook users; also functions via email.
  • TJEd for Teens Facebook Discussion Group: Connect with Leadership Education youth to discuss the Teen Top-100 and other topics of interest.
  • Other regional discussion groups on Yahoo (San Diego, Vancouver, Oregon, Alaska, Dallas/Fort Worth, etc.) exist. Some are extremely active, others, less so. Search “TJEd” and a key word for your geographical region on Yahoo Groups to locate one serving your area.Similar in purpose and content to TJEd MUSE, smaller and more local membership.
  • TJEd Special: Discussion group for families with special needs.
  • Other niche groups (TJEd Secular, TJE-IEW, etc.) also on YahooSimilar in purpose to TJEd MUSE, but with appeal to and focus on niche interests/philosophies/applications within the realm of TJEd. Search “TJEd” and a key word representing your niche interest on Yahoo Groups to locate such a group.

Other TJEd Support and Resources:

Books, CDs, Audio Downloads

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Recommended Classics

[The complete leveled and categorized list is available as a free pdf download with the Bonus Gifts]

Creating a TJEd Environment

How to Share TJEd

Online Learning for Youth and Youth Conferences

Adult Education and Community Building

TJEd-Related Organizations/Websites

  • TJEd Marketplace: Sponsor of the annual TJEd Forum, TJEd wholesale and special bulk distributor, seller of dozens of audio downloads from favorite convention speakers on TJEd and related topics, Mentor directory, TJEd business directory

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