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*Note to subscribers of TWIH from Rachel DeMille:

This Week in History originated in 2008 as a service on TJEdOnline.com, and has operated continuously on that site since then. In December 2011, TJEdOnline was attacked by a random (and rather clever) hacker, and some valuable article content was lost. Because it is an older, custom-built site, the non-secure portions of the site (namely, the weekly articles) are difficult to protect from such mischief.

In order to safeguard this valuable content, I immediately developed a duplicate of the service here on our Official TJEd site (which has protection from content hacks and is constantly upgraded via the WordPress service), and began to offer it to new subscribers in January 2012. As a result, TWIH exists, with identical content, on both sites; however, subscribers are only able to access the content on the site where they are registered.

I am so sorry for any confusion this may cause, and hope that my valued subscribers understand the need for this redundancy in order to ensure that thousands of hours of work is not put at unnecessary risk.

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