What is TJEd High Advanced?

TJEd High Advanced is an online* liberal arts mentoring service for advanced youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study, and enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth is involved in - whether it's private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; commonwealth/ co-op//Vanguard; online courses; etc.

It's TJEd High! - next level! We take on harder classics, have dedicated advanced discussion groups and start filling in the gaps - among other things (described below...).

Who is TJEd High Advance for?


  1. Any youth who have completed at least 4 full semesters of TJEd High!
  2. Any youth who have read all the basic track books from all 6 semesters of TJEd High!

TJEd High Advanced is all about meeting you where you are, then guiding and inspiring you to take the next step, and then the next, and the next, through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

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It has been said,

"When God wants to change the world,

He sends a baby..."

Is it you?

What does it look like?

TJEd High! is designed to inspire and help lead youth to read, read, read and discuss a lot. We have a lot of fun and really lean into the hard work. 

The TJEd High Advanced subscription processes monthly and is a continuous year-round mentoring program. Between each semester will be a 2-4 week break. The subscription can easily be stopped at any time. Enrollment is recommended before the semester starts (big surprise, I know), but by request, we still take Scholars several weeks after the semester begins before closing enrollment. 

As for the program itself, each of the video Mentoring content is pre-recorded for on-demand streaming that fits your schedule. Here is an overview of when content goes live and what each week in TJEd High! looks like: 

Live on Monday

  • Set your weekly Checklist goal ~1-3 Minutes                      
  • Choose one each week: Easy Track or Hard Track
  • Book debrief and Mentoring ~50-90 Minutes
  • The week's Family Discussion groups

Live on Wednesday

  • Midweek Mentoring ~10-30 Minutes

Live on Friday

  • Report on week's Action Items from the Checklist. 
  • You will report here if you did the reading and discussing you committed to on Monday in the Checklist. Reporting here is one of the Action Items listed. 

Here is a video break down of the

Checklist and Action Items:

Family Rate

Meeting the educational needs of multiple family members - teens, parents and younger children - can not only be complex, it can be prohibitively expensive. We're in the trenches with you, and we understand the dynamics involved!

To help leverage the impact of Leadership Education in your home, we offer discounted rates* for families with multiple Scholars participating in TJEd High.

The first Scholar will enroll at the base rate of $45 each month while each additional Scholar will pay only $25 per month.

*as always, we are delighted to be a blessing to those in financial straits. Please let us know if you need special arrangements in order for your motivated, qualified student to take part in TJEd High!

How to Access the Family Rate:

  1. Click the button below to be directed to a special purchase page. Make sure to mark both the $45 and $25 TJEd High options.
  2. Once you have subscribed from this page you will receive an email, within a few minutes, with a link to a special form to complete the enrollment process.

It's as simple as that! :)

NOTE: If you have already subscribed one youth at $45, then just select the $25 option. If you don't receive an email from us within the next few hours to complete your enrollment, then reach out to [email protected] directly.

TJEd High Syllabus and Two Year Rotation

TJEd High Advanced is a two year program. There are two prerequisites in order to enroll:

  • Complete at least 4 semesters of TJEd High!
  • Complete all of the regular track books from all six semesters in the TJEd High! syllabi (The Advanced readings are recommended, or as replacements to the regular track readings)

There is Year C and Year D (building off of TJEd High! years A and B), this is only important to differentiate the current syllabus. Although, you don't need to worry about that, shortly after you enroll we will email you all the needed information for the current semester.

It doesn't matter which semester you jump into or which year you start. All that matters is that you dive in and read, read, read and discuss, discuss, discuss. The TJEd Mentors will bring you right along with them!

Each semester is designed to allow for brand new advanced students and bring them right along with the more experienced students.

In our experience we've found that when new students and more experienced students study together everyone improves more as well as faster. The more experienced students get to lead and mentor and the new students get great peer help and the vision that they too could become like their peers. This is one of the great strengths of having a "one room school" type of experience.

The Fall enrollment is open from

July through September



The Fall semester is live

September through December

The Summer enrollment is open from

February through June



The Fall semester is live

June through August

What if I’m enrolled in another program?

Students who are enrolled in public school, online high school, private or charter schools, Commonwealth schools, homeschooling co-ops, or other structured programs can use TJEd High! to be more inspired, study more passionately and effectively, and add increased depth and skills to their other studies.

Look over the "What it looks like?" and the semester's syllabus sections to gauge the time/energy commitment. We have purposefully designed TJEd High to have minimal class time to allow plenty of personal study and discussion time.

TJEd High! is listed with many online umbrella schools that will cover tuition. If you are part of any of these programs, check to see if we are listed. If we are not please feel free to request us to be listed.

What if a 3rd party (Charter/Private/State/Other) is paying for TJEd High for me?

TJEd High! is listed with many online umbrella schools that will cover tuition. If you are part of any of these programs, check to see if we are listed. If we are not please feel free to request us! For information that may be needed please contact us and we will help get you the information needed. 

Clicking the green button below "TJEd High Charter" will open a new tab with more information as well as instructions on covering tuition for you.

TJEd High Options

TJEd High!

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We hope to see you in TJEd High Advanced when the time is right!

TJEd High Chapter

Are you part of a local Commonwealth, Vanguard, Mom School, Private School or Public School Honors Program?

Then check out how to host a Mentored Chapter of TJEd High!

TJEd High Charter

Pay for a full semester at a time. This is where charter and/or umbrella programs can make tuition payments for their student-clients.