What is TJEd High?

TJEd High! is an online* liberal arts mentoring service for youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study - starting with where your youth are at, and helping them take successful steps forward to reach their ideal.

TJEd High! will enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth are involved in - whether it's private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; co-op/commonwealth/Vanguard; online courses; etc.

Who is it for?

  1. Youth, aged 13-18 who are prepared to do weekly readings and discussion at a basic level.
  2. A "Super-charged" honors level with additional readings and mentoring content is available at no additional cost for students who want to challenge themselves to even more depth and rigor.

TJEd High! is all about meeting you where you are, then guiding and inspiring you to take the next step, and then the next, and the next, through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

This is also the process for TJEd High Advanced enrollment via a charter.

It has been said,

"When God wants to change the world,

He sends a baby..."

Is it you?

Your mentors were babies once, too....

Many Charter, Private, Public and other educational organizations have programs that can help cover TJEd High Tuition

TJEd High! is listed with many online umbrella schools that will cover tuition. If you are part of any of these programs, check to see if we are listed.

If we are not, please feel free to request us! For information that may be needed please contact us with the information you need and we will be glad to help.

Contact Information

Ian Cox


[email protected]


Step 1: Submit Request

  • Request your Charter/3rd Party cover the cost of TJEd High!


  • Click the button below to be directed to the Student Enrollment Form for Charters

Simple as that! Once you enroll your Scholar we will be looking for communication from your indicated Charter/3rd party.

Happy Studies! We'll see you on the discussion forum.

Semester Pricing Per Scholar

  • Fall $180 - 4 Months
  • Winter $225 - 5 Months
  • Summer $135 - 3 Months

TJEd High Options

TJEd High!

Go to the main TJEd High landing page.

This has all the fundamental details and explanations.

TJEd High Chapter

Are you part of a local Commonwealth, Vanguard, Mom School, Private School or Public School Honors Program?

Then check out how to host a Mentored Chapter of TJEd High!

TJEd High Advanced

Have you completed at least four semesters of TJEd High or read all the books on the basic track from all six semesters? If so, the TJEd High mentors invite you to join us in TJEd High Advanced.